Photo ID Badges

Staff in many schools wear ID badges provided by ourselves, why us ?

  • No minimum order
  • We only charge for what we provide, and accept ALL school and local authority purchase orders
  • Our ID badges are totally tamperproof, the same quality as the current UK driving licence, the print is transferred into the ID badge ensuring total security
  • Request your FREE no obligation sample by clicking here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The procedure

  • We provide a No cost, No obligation sample ID badge featuring your school details, typically the logo, address, telephone number, picture, name, job title, consider adding an employee number, an expiry date or CRB check number
  • Upon approval of your ID badge layout, send your pictures, this can be via disc, email, passport photo, pen drive, we cater for all methods and will scan a headshot from the picture for the card
  • Upon receipt of your pictures and approval of your design, a unique ID database is built for your school to store your information, most ID projects are completed and returned within 2 to 3 working days
  • If a new member of staff joins the school, simply forward their details, we add the new record to the database, send a new ID badge via return post, and charge for just 1 ID badge.
  • If a member of staff loses, or needs an amendment to their badge, then forward the request and we re-issue an ID badge via return post and charge for 1 ID badge


  • £40.00 – One off payment to set up the school database, this is NOT repeated and NO charges are made for amendments in the future whilst you remain a customer
  • £3.00 for each full colour ID badge
  • £0.50 for reverse card printing
  • Delivery is at cost price to ourselves

ID Accessories

A full range of ID accessories including lanyards, holders and clips are available, please see the Accessories page for more information, we would be happy to send you any samples